Flat Pack Assembly Service in Plymouth


Expert Flat Pack Assembly Service in Plymouth and surrounding areas including Devon and Cornwall. Please see our Furniture Assembly page for more details on prices and the areas covered, Furniture Assembly Plymouth.

With and ever increasing array of online and traditional retailers such as ARGOS, TESCO direct, JD Williams and IKEA to name but a few, the issue most people face is actually putting the items together. The right tools for the job with the right experience is what is needed each time.

Imagine having seen your dream piece of furniture in a catalogue or in a local store only to find the daunting task of assembling it all from a flat pack. Engaging a true professional who has the right tools and years of experience assembling the very item you are struggling with is what is needed.

With an expert assembler, you not only have a fast and efficient assembly that you don’t have to worry about but you also get an expert who knows the product and will assemble it in your own home. They will be able to build the units and ensure that they are properly mounted to the wall and are secure. For gym equipment, they will not only assemble them in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines but will also be able to demonstrate how the product works. You only get this from a true professional assembler who has years of experience. And the best thing of all is that you won’t have any parts left over and that terrible sinking feeling that you missed something during the assembly process. You certainly don’t want to have left over parts with gym equipment!

Flat Pack Assembly Service in Plymouth

If you are tackling any furniture assembly on your own then you will probably need 5 things

  • YouTube
  • The right tools
  • A lot of patience
  • Organisation skills
  • Time (two to three times that of a professional assembler)

We recommend you talk to the professionals so why not give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements.