Moving house is often a very stressful time so the tips below have been created to help you make the smooth transition from your old home to your new home.

As soon as you can, book a provisional moving date with us which can be confirmed at a later date. There are no extra charges for having to change your moving day. We can also arrange to deliver some boxes to you if required. Also:

  • Inform your doctor/hospital of your new address.
  • Inform your Post Office
  • Inform your Bank/Building Society.
  • Inform your energy service provider[Electric and gas]
  • In form your TV /Broadband provider to have your services installed immediately at your new address.You will also need a new TV license.

This section will give you more in-depth help with your move, once you have found your new home and booked your provisional date.

We do not take booking fees or charge extra for moving dates. We do not want to add any stress to your move.

  • Time for a Clear-Out. Decide what items of furniture and belongings you need to take with you. Now is the time for a good clear-out especially if you are downsizing. Why pay extra for unwanted items to be moved to your new home?
  • Notify the post office for change of address as well as your doctor, bank/building society, your energy suppliers and also your TV and Broadband service. Don’t forget you will need a new TV license.
  • We can provide packing boxes and packing materials at bulk prices if required. We can also lend boxes which will be returnable after your move if you do not want to purchase. For small moves many people use their local supermarkets and shops to obtain boxes for free and the banana boxes are very useful for packing books.
  • When packing crockery or fragile items, it is advisable to place a layer of crushed paper at the base of your box. Always fill up your boxes so the lid can be closed and taped. Don’t have half empty boxes as they are difficult to stack as they will get crushed once another box is placed on top. Always pack plates upright on their edges, never flat.
  • If you find that you have half-filled your box and it is already very heavy, just top up your box with some cushions or pillows to make it easier to lift.
  • If you are thinking of leaving items in smaller pieces of furniture, i.e. bedside cabinets, make sure there are no valuables or breakable items in the drawers. If you are unsure about what to pack we can advise you on the phone or by paying you a visit before you move.

Furniture Assembly

In order to help you with your furniture assembly we have put together some tips that will ensure the best possible assembly for your project.

Plan your assembly carefully, give yourself enough time so you don’t have to rush. It is always easier to assemble furniture with 2 people. It would be a great idea to arrange a friend or family member to help you in advance otherwise it can be a balancing act when trying to put together your larger parts.

If you need an item of furniture assembled make sure you clear enough space in the room. All the parts will need to be laid out on the floor. It is nearly impossible to put furniture together in a crowded area.

Separate and count all of your parts before you begin. Each instruction manual that comes with your new flat-packed item will have an extensive list of parts supplied. Screws will come in various lengths and it is very important to recognise the correct place for each screw. Nobody wants protruding screws through the side of their new piece of furniture.

Most instruction manuals will show you which tools you need. Generally a screwdriver, small hammer, tape measure and possibly a socket set and some allen keys. You may also be required to add some glue to your wooded dowels which is usually included in your kit. If you prefer to use power tools, and then make sure your batteries are fully charged and you use the correctly fitting bit for your screws or allen heads. The head of an allen bolt can be rounded off inside with the wrong size bit and this will make assembling your item impossible.


  • I would like to thank you for your service when I sold my house in July. I was delighted with all your help at the time. You were prompt, efficient and very pleasant to deal with and I have sung your praises to many.

    Jane, Bristol.

  • “Absolutely amazing experience ! ” I have moved 5 times in the past 10 years and my recent move with Wise Move is a completely new level of experience. They are the most professional, knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, patient and caring removal team that I have ever met.               Thank  you for your help with moving to a new home, you are  1 in a million`

    Eva, Plymouth.

  • We have used Wise Move Removals on several occasions over the years and have always been impressed with the quality of the service provided by Phil. Most recently we needed quite a complex removal of various items to 3 destinations from Plymouth via Sidmouth to Southampton.  The move was planned in the most efficient way possible and everything was collected and delivered promptly.  We are so grateful and we would have no hesitation in recommending Wise Move.

    Karen, Jenny and Nick, Plymouth

  • We have used Wisemoveremovals 3 times in the last 8 years.They offer such a lovely personal service, which has helped make each move significantly less stressful for us.They are extremely thorough, go above and beyond, friendly yet professional and are full of integrity. My husband and I really couldn`t have wished for a better removal company to help us have such a positive start when moving into each of our new homes.

    Many Many Thanks !

    Elly and Jan Freedman, Totnes, Devon.

  • Thank you SO much, Always SO helpful, Kind regards

    Marie, Plymouth

  • Thank you once again for all your help last week with our move to Peverell. I run a busy estate agents in Plymouth and have come across many removal firms during my 15 years in the industry. I can honestly say that Wisemove were incredibly helpful,patient and careful with everything that they did for me during this incredibly stressful time. I will certainly use them again and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else who is looking for a company for their customer service, flexibility, and that really does look after you and your belongings as if they were their own.


    Jack, CROSS KEYS Estate Agents Plymouth

  • Thank you both So much for today. You both made the day a lot easier to deal with and less emotional.

    Mel, Plymouth

  • Phil from Wisemove is the wisest choice you will make when moving home. Nothing is too much trouble. He works quickly and quietly and before you know it you are in your new home!

    Lesley, Ivybridge

  • I have felt compelled to write and thank you for the professionalism, courtesy and compassion displayed by your company during these very exhausting events. It is very gratifying in these difficult commercial times to come across a provider who still puts the welfare of his customer before all else

    Joe, Plymouth